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For almost the final time this year, I’ve updated the Google Spreadsheet where I’m tracking on this year’s startup investments, acquisitions, mergers, and IPOs. JSON files containing the data are in this project’s repo on GitHub. Previous updates – for Q1, Q2, and Q3 – are available via

This month saw some pretty sizable funding rounds, bringing November’s total investment to $1,041,575,000 (second only to October which brought in $1,427,150,000). That’s changed the investment leaderboard quite a bit since I updated things last month:

  1. Social Finance $1,200,000,000
  2. Earnest $275,000,000
  3. HotChalk $230,000,000
  4. TutorGroup $200,000,000
  5. $186,000,000
  6. $157,000,000
  7. Udacity $105,000,000
  8. 17zuoye $100,000,000
  9. AltSchool $100,000,000
  10. Civitas Learning $76,000,000
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