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Once again, I’ve updated the Google Spreadsheet where I’m tracking on this year’s startup investments, acquisitions, mergers, and IPOs. JSON files containing the data are in this project’s repo on GitHub. Previous updates – for Q1, Q2, and Q3 – are available via

This month – well, the end of September too – saw some pretty sizable investments, so here’s the updated list of the biggest funding rounds so far this year:

  1. Social Finance $1,200,000,000
  2. $186,000,000
  3. $157,000,000
  4. 17zuoye $100,000,000
  5. AltSchool $100,000,000
  6. Civitas Learning $76,000,000
  7. General Assembly $70,000,000
  8. Udemy $65,000,000
  9. Coursera $61,100,000
  10. Yuantiku $60,000,000

The Chronicle of Higher Education published a story this week listing the higher ed companies which have received the most funding. I think their story was flawed – it included 2U, for example, but as it IPO’d last year, I’m not clear why it was on the list. Here’s my guess at the startups – and this includes those who sell to K–12 not just to universities – that have raised the most investment (and that have not been acquired or filed for IPO):

  1. Social Finance $1,598,000,000
  2. $187,000,000 *
  3. D2L $165,000,000
  4. Pluralsight $162,500,000
  5. Coursera $146,100,000
  6. 17zuoye $135,000,000
  7. AltSchool $133,000,000
  8. Open English $120,250,000
  9. General Assembly $119,500,000
  10. Kaltura $116,100,000

* This is a guess at the total raised. According to the news report, it plans to file for an IPO soon, so perhaps it's ineligible for my list anyway.

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