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The Ed-Tech Industry Matrix

A Hack Education Project

Who's investing in education technology? What are the relationships between investors and startups? Between politics and policies? Between dollars and trends? Who's funding teacher-founded startups? Who's funding women and minority-led startups? What does the "map" of the ed-tech industry look like? What are the relationships between companies, entrepreneurs, investors, and institutions?

It's my hope to build better "maps" of the ed-tech industry in the hopes that we we can more easily navigate it. To that end, I have started work on an open database of education startup funding. This database (like this site) is hosted on GitHub so that people can contribute and fork.

NOTE: as of 2016, this site will no longer be updated. The new version of this project is available at funding.hackeducation.com.

You can find updates from this project via the site's blog. Previous years' analysis about ed-tech is available here:

Image credits: Bryan Mathers